"Mustang" (Wild Horse) acrylic on wood panels, by artist Casson Demmon – Colette Cosentino Atelier + Gallery

"Mustang" (Wild Horse) acrylic on wood panels, by artist Casson Demmon

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This modern and colorful painting is 15"x36", painted in acrylic on attached wood panels.  The 3 panels are attached together and it hangs as a single piece.
Casson Demmon
"Mustang" (Wild)
Acrylic on Wood Panel
15” x 30”

About this painting:
I began thinking about my own experiences with horses, which are truly limited. I calculated under 8 hours of lifetime interaction with horses beyond being pulled in a wagon or buggy. However, through my aunt, I have been learning about the wild mustangs on the California/Nevada border.  As a Californian and an American, I feel ownership. This painting, using abstract references to film, photography and digital process, and time progression, is about freedom for those horses I am able to claim as my own.

Casson Demmon is a fine art painter in Santa Barbara, CA. Demmon’s paintings have been exhibited in museums, galleries, and alternative spaces on the east and west coast of the United States including The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Williamsburg Art and Historical Society in Brooklyn, New York, the Puck Building Pratt MFA Gallery in New York City, Jack the Pelican Presents in Williamsburg Brooklyn, The Audubon Center For Urban Development and Reynolds Gallery in Santa Barbara, California.
In addition, his work is on display at Moving Images in New York City, and in several private collections in California and New York City.
Casson Demmon was born in Hollywood, California, in 1970. He received an MFA in 2002 from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.


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