Colette Cosentino's Creative Journey – Colette Cosentino Atelier + Gallery

Colette Cosentino's Creative Journey

In the pursuit of a creative life, one must embrace risk-taking, have faith, and bravely expose  their heart and passion to the world. Sharing one's creations is a vulnerable endeavor, with the  hope that others will not only connect with the work but also embrace it as their own,  integrating it into their lives and environments. 

My artistic journey is deeply rooted in childhood experiences and observations. Growing up in  the rural landscapes of Iowa, I absorbed the diverse influences brought by my parents' worldly  friendships. Memories of intricate handcrafted items from various cultures, like the rich purple  

hues of an embroidered sari or the elaborate motifs adorning artifacts from the Middle East,  Asia, and Europe, left an indelible mark on my subconscious. 

My formal education at the Art Institute of Colorado in Denver laid the foundation for my  exploration into graphic design and illustration. However, it was my move to Santa Barbara,  California, that truly ignited my creative spirit. Surrounded by the stunning architecture,  landscapes, and the eclectic community of Santa Barbara, I found boundless inspiration. 

In 2018, I realized a lifelong dream by opening my own art studio and gallery in the vibrant arts  district, just a stone's throw away from the esteemed Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Nestled  within an architectural gem, my studio has become a haven for creativity to flourish. 

Every day, I revel in the process of bringing my visions to life, whether through large-scale  paintings or intricate projects. My studio is a sanctuary where I can freely explore and create,  surrounded by an array of artful treasures, from paintings to ceramics to vintage finds. 

Sharing this journey with my husband, fellow artist Peter Horjus, who runs his own shop  nearby, has been a source of immense joy and camaraderie. Together, we recently welcomed a  playful kitten into our lives, who now happily resides in my studio, adding an extra dose of  charm to our creative haven. 

In this ever-evolving adventure, my aim is to offer a unique and soulful experience to those who  seek art that resonates deeply and captivates the imagination. Each brushstroke, each  creation, is infused with love and passion, inviting others to embark on a journey of discovery  and delight. 

Thank you for coming along on the journey, Colette