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The Limited Edition (50) Colette Cosentino Signature 6 Sided Puzzle

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This Limited Edition signature puzzle has been made for you with a great deal of care. 

When I was a child, my mother purchased a 6 sided block puzzle for me to play with in the car.  We lived in the Midwest so there were lots of long car rides. 

I loved the fairytale imagery, the colorful and detailed reference images...... and it was simply such a joy to complete each of the 6 compositions, over and over.

I kept this puzzle with me for 45+ years, and some time ago thought it a fun idea to create my own block puzzle, with some of my favorite paintings I have done over the years. 

The wooden blocks are sourced from Maine, the printing is done locally in Ventura.

The puzzle is housed in a luxuriously thick lucite box, beautifully engraved with my logo mark. 

This meditative work comes with 6  framable fine art reference images (on heavy watercolor paper), to help you accomplish each side of the puzzle.  I hope you enjoy this puzzle for years to come.  Each puzzle is hand assembled by Moi, with love.  This is a Limited Edition of 50.  X Colette