"Hallowed" abstract oil painting 72" x 48" – Colette Cosentino Atelier + Gallery

"Hallowed" abstract oil painting 72" x 48"

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"Hallowed"  abstract oil painting 72" x 48" on Belgian linen canvas. Chunky textured layers of creams, the palest of dusty pinky peach, with wild yet subtle strokes rising upwards energetically. From the bottom of the work of art rises a sort of sea, abstract, organic. Shades of aqua and ink, swirling with garnet and gray.  A border has been created of negative space, finishing the piece in a way that feels "color field".   The whole work of art is meant to uplift.  The definition of hallowed is as such. "made holy; consecrated."  Consider the phrase, "hallowed ground".  

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