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Colette Cosentino First Edition Signature Art Kit

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TLovingly made in Colette’s art studio, each wooden box  is stamped, signed and numbered. A very limited edition!!! Inside are all sorts of goodies, designed for those who want to give this painting thing a try. There are two images initially drawn by Colette’s hand, and printed on beautiful raw Belgian linen. Why 2? So you and a friend, daughter, mother, auntie or whoever you choose can do one with you. There are two brushes, a palette, 6 curated paints, a reference image that is suitable for framing and is also signed. Also included is a Japanese water container and deluxe paper towel for dabbing your brush. Simply use the paints and materials given to create your own wonderful work of art, with the guidance of the reference piece and line work! Please enjoy!! X Colette please allow a week or two for creation. Shipping is additional.