"A Bond You'll Never Know" 60" x 84”, acrylic and tape, canvas on a wo – Colette Cosentino Atelier + Gallery

"A Bond You'll Never Know" 60" x 84”, acrylic and tape, canvas on a wood cradle. Stanley Boydston

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"A Bond You'll Never Know" 60" x 84" acrylic and tape, canvas and wood.  by Stanley Boydston.  

I chose Stanley to be a part of this inaugural show because I knew he would bring something different and unique.  His abstract expressionist take on the "I love my horse" theme is colorful and refreshing.

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Stanley Boydston is a member of the Cherokee Nation. Raised off the reservation, in Texas, his artistic influences break preconceived notions of “Native American art.” Receiving his art education in Spain and France, Stanley’s work leads a seldom traveled path for Cherokee tradition that challenges stereotypes, bringing an opening to “older ways.”

My work for this exhibition, “I Love My Horse,” illuminates tangents of time and beauty surrounding a special relationship. The movement of time will eventually push true love into only sweet memories that inevitably tag that one special place where we were together in ritual, every day of our lives, passing, pushing  the textures - physical, visual and emotional into an altered state of perception that sees and feels perfect love: magic, safe, timeless.