"Thoughts" (become things) Fine Art Print on canvas 12" x 18" – Colette Cosentino Atelier + Gallery

"Thoughts" (become things) Fine Art Print on canvas 12" x 18"

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"This beautiful robust lady stands confidently on the shore of un-chartered waters wearing nothing except what is within.  Dipping her toe into the unknown, she ponders her future deliberately, with hope and expectation, dreaming big and planning her next moves." x Colette


This lovely fine art print on canvas is a reminder to all that "thoughts become things".  Let your mind think on good things!!  There are three main areas to keep in check and be healthy in!  Our mind, our emotions, and our physical being! 

The canvas is 12" x 18" with a deep edge.  You can choose to have the sides be hand painted in gray with metallic piping, or have the sides be painted totally in metallic. Please make your choice in the special instructions at checkout! 

Hand signed and painted by Colette, and includes the official Colette Cosentino stamp.  Shipping is free within the USA.