Fetish Funtime 30" by 40". layered hand pulled silkscreens ...layered – Colette Cosentino Atelier + Gallery

Fetish Funtime 30" by 40". layered hand pulled silkscreens ...layered imagery on canvas.

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Fetish Funtime  30" by 40".  layered hand pulled silkscreens ...layered imagery on canvas.  A colorful piece with craftsmanship that beats all.  Wallace's powerful imagery embraces all that is wild and free.  

Shipping is held separately.  Please reach out to Colette@ColetteCosentino.com for information.

My name is Wallace and the art I create is based on 4 points of interest. Observe, Recognize,
Sympathize and React. I read a lot on history, watch the political spectrum and indulge in Pop
culture. These are my observation points. I then recognize pros and cons of the social system, but

being a pessimist a bit haha I relate to the cons. I then sympathize.... I’ve always been for the under-
dog, the poor, the working man, People of color and the bullied of the materialistic society. I then

react with my art and creations. Now as far as inspiration on a visual sense I am drawn to industrial
environments, layers of old street art, vintage imagery of past cultures and past chaos of my own life.
On the other side of the coin I love blatantly bright colors, graphics with a bold pop feel, and modern
minimal settings. The work I compose is an eccentric combination of these two vastly different areas
of artistic visions.

My artistic background did not come from study books or school, I was actually pre-med at UCSB
and then traveled to Europe after graduation. The affinity to biology, math and science ended
abruptly when I was introduced to art museums, fashion and new exciting creative processes. I
came back from Europe and blew into the clothing business for the next 17 years. Graphics became
a prominent part of my life through creating clothing lines with my partner. Strong bold imagery
had and still has my name written all over it. My process of lately is to use pieces of canvas sewed
up to produce a larger canvas. This is a deconstructive style and has a great meaning to me by putting
my own shredded pieces of my life together again. My art is created with mixed application of house
and spray paint, and oil pastels. I create on the ground so i’m constantly walking and scraping up
the piece while working. Mistakes during the process of painting were a great burden to me in the
past, but now of a great importance to the overall movement.

I am anything but regular and my life has become much more orderly with recovery from past
demons of recklessness. Sobriety has made my work ethic and creativity soar exponentially and
made my artistic life worth living every minute. The art I have created lately has more depth and
meaning to me. This is in direct correlation to my lifes mistakes and the changes I have made
to make it better.

I love to create.