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"Christianne's Heart" A Diptych Hand Embellished Fine Art Replica On Canvas Panels 30" x 40" Each

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A beautiful pair of limited edition chinoiserie style paintings that can hang together, or hold their own while apart.  Keep them both and hang side by side, or gift one to someone close to you!

This diptych depicts a champagne infused garden, with "whatnot" flowers and other magical foliage. Two birds rest on a branch taking in the glory of the day.  These are finely printed at 30" x 40" each.  The color and over all tone can be altered slightly for your specifications.  They are sent to me after their printing, and I take them and carefully hand embellish with metallic gold bits to enhance the work.  Hand painted metallic piping around the edges of each canvas.  A limited edition of 100, hand signed and stamped for authenticity.  Please allow 3 weeks for these to be made to perfection.    Thank you, Colette