"Life, A Work in Progress" 10' x 11' or so acrylic on loose canvas – Colette Cosentino Atelier + Gallery

"Life, A Work in Progress" 10' x 11' or so acrylic on loose canvas

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"Life, A Work in Progress" is a large scale mural that was developed and worked on from February 2020-present.  This massive composition has changed and evolved, and has been an ongoing process.  Sort  of like life.  A world quality that speaks to all ethnicities, thousands of hand painted metallic golden dots meander and dance across the canvases tree tops and garden foliage.  Metallic bits rain down from a pure white sky, showering the work in golden splendor.  Best near a large window, so the iridescent nature can be fully experienced.  Truly this work is a treasure.  I hope it is seen and enjoyed by many people.  Ideally, I would like to see this painting hanging somewhere the public can experience it.  It's an attempt at fusing pleasing decorative imagery with modern/abstract elements, as can be viewed with the painted drips that veil the imagery.  It's 10 feet by 11 feet or so, and painted on heavy weight loose canvas.  It can be installed as a wall covering or framed out.
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