"Heart" 8' x 6' oil on canvas – Colette Cosentino Atelier + Gallery

"Heart" 8' x 6' oil on canvas

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"Heart" 8' x 6' oil on canvas.  Abstract, mostly pink in hue, use of multiple colors, with a veil of metallic dot work that dances across the entire canvas.  3 years in the making, "Heart" is entitled as such, as the intent of this work is to illustrate moments of time, chapters in life, emotional wins and failures, love and pain.  Each dot represents a situation, a contemplation, a decision..... that makes up ones life.  Adventures, sorrows, excitement, crushes, dreams........life and death...... are all wrapped up into "Heart".  

 Challenging to photograph because of its MINIMALIST/MAXIMALIST nature.  Best appreciated in person, you get caught up in a magical array of dot work, tiny bits of metallic gold popping through.  Ever moving, ever changing, ever captivating.  This painting took nearly a year to create. The sides have been painted in metallic platinum giving the illusion of a frame.

I have an NFT planned for this piece.  

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