"Dream of Sanyu" 30" x 40" oil on canvas – Colette Cosentino Atelier + Gallery

"Dream of Sanyu" 30" x 40" oil on canvas

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"Dream of Sanyu" is a dreamy floral painted in thick layers of oil, and  is my homage to the little known Japanese impressionist painter, Sanyu.  I am not sure why we don't hear about him or know his work.  In my opinion, he should be as famous as Monet.  I am chronically inspired by his work and refer to it often as a guide for my own work.  Delicious tones of pink, cream, some gray greens, with pops of color.  30" x 40" oil on canvas.  Thick layers and brush strokes, in oil on a heavy duty Masterpiece canvas. Free shipping!  X Colette
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